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Castle Holding is a small to medium investment firm founded in 2007.

Our businesses are diversified across a wide spectrum of regions, industries, and asset classes, giving us the expertise and access to resources in order to take advantage of investment opportunities.

Our purpose is to invest wisely and create value on behalf of an array of global investors. Good investments result from sound decision-making; and, good businesses are built with a commitment to operational excellence.

Castle Holding uses its network, deep industry knowledge to create and execute a customised value creation plan for each of our investments.

We aim to generate attractive investment returns by following a patient and disciplined approach, employing high-quality people, pursuing the highest standards of excellence and aligning our interests with those of all our investment partners.

A liable investing methodology, which calls for long-term collaboration and commitment amongst all participants to deliver a successful outcome, is imbedded in the philosophy of Castle Holding.

Our Approach


Castle Holding employs a long-established strategy of operationally intensive, sector-focused investing across North Africa, Middle East, and Europe. We pursue to invest in well-positioned companies with operational and strategic improvement potential and partner with management teams to create value by driving revenue and earnings growth.


Castle Holding strives to invest in a cross-section of industrial and service businesses, which typically exhibit the following attributes:

  • Sound Business Strategies
  • Strong Market Positions and Product Portfolio
  • Stable Cash-flows
  • Talented and Experienced Management Teams
  • High Returns on Internally Invested Capital
  • Attractive Prospects for Organic or Acquisition-Based Growth


We typically take a majority shareholding in a company, as our experience shows that we can support the implementation of the value creation plan more effectively if we have control and are an active owner. However, we will also consider minority ownership where we are working with like-minded shareholders.


We are an active investor who seeks to build a collaborative relationship with management teams. We typically sit on the company’s board and are involved in developing and overseeing strategy. We do not take part in day-to-day operations, however, as we believe that is the role of the leadership team.

Working with management, we develop a value creation plan that identifies specific actions to help a company realise its full potential. We bring to the partnership sector knowledge and often first-hand experience working with businesses in similar situations.

Through our international networks, we offer access to market intelligence, industry experts and general business contacts that can support a company’s development.

Culture and Values

We are innovators, pioneers and problem solvers; we are your partner. We work in partnership with whom we do business and maintain a shared sense of ownership across the firm.

We have a very clear understanding of the Firm’s purpose, where and how we will compete, and what capabilities are required to win. At the same time, we are committed to be the best partners that we can be.

Our professionals are united by a shared sense of purpose and the deep values that inform the commitments we make to our commercial partners and the communities in which we operate.

Castle Holding's successful model is a blend of investment selections, tactical development, excellence in operation and a dedicated ownership approach.


  • Service
  • Accountability
  • Candor
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Creaticity
  • Passion
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Relationship Driven
  • Innovation
  • Courage
  • Loyalty
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Stewardship
  • Perseverance

Castle Holding


Castle Holding Offers Equity Placement, Business Developement and Strategic Advisory Services.
Your Plan and Objectives are the Foundation for All the Services We Provide.
Any Activity We Undertake on Your Behalf is based on Our Thorough Understanding of Your Needs and Goals.

Castle Holding serves Entrepreneurs and Developers who want to Raise Equity to pursue their Sector-Focused Investment Strategies.

When it comes to raising equity, Castle Holding works with numerous high net worth investors who take a sophisticated approach to sector-focused investments. These investors are well-versed in the asset class and have chosen the specific sector investment as part of their investment strategy. They understand the Industry, the Geographic Markets, and the Skills a Management Team must possess to execute a plan successfully.

If your business plan calls for additional equity, Castle Holding can guide you through the complexities of securing capital and meeting the stringent demands of investors from start to finish.

We begin by learning about your business objectives and criteria for selecting a capital partner, and we provide feedback on the market’s likely interest in your plan. From there, we substantiate your investment track record and conduct our own due diligence to prepare you for the investor's actual process.

We then document your plan in a compelling offering memorandum – highlighting your competitive advantages and track record – and market the opportunity to appropriate institutions. Castle Holding Financial experts secure and qualify proposals from potential investors, assist in negotiating final terms and documents, and prepare you in adhering to ongoing governance and reporting requirements.

Castle Holding Generates New Investment Ideas, Produces Market Research to Inform Thinking and Generates Access to Further Investment Opportunities, Keeping the Deal Pipeline Full.

Castle Holding has the capacity and essence to generate New Investment Ideas based on its proven track record. At Castle Holding , we understand how starting a business requires vision, courage and determination -- the hallmarks of the entrepreneurial personality- Thus translating Inspiration into a smooth-functioning and sustainable business.

Through its network, Castle Holding , is always on the look for New Investment Opportunities in the EMENA region with a diversified sector approach.

As a long-term and value-oriented investor, we analyse each investment with a primary focus on minimising downside risk, protecting invested principal and generating an appropriate risk-adjusted return.

Our investment strategy relies heavily on:

- Intensive Due Diligence - Structuring Expertise - Disciplined Underwriting
Growing a business requires the ability to balance the original vision and the need to leverage the efforts of the innovator.
Creating a successful business makes for a good story, but sustaining success is how legacies are made.

Castle Holding business Professionals are experienced in helping business at all stages, from formation, through growth, through ongoing operation or exit.

Castle Holding helps organisations navigate the road ahead by recognising opportunity, clarifying vision, creating strategies, implementing action and measuring results.

- Service Areas of Focus -

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Capital Structuring & Modelling
  • Financial Advisory
  • Economic Development
  • Community Strategy & Revitalisation
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Hotel Services
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Real Estate Development Advisory
  • Research

Industry Expertise

Castle Holding has a long investment experience in Real Estate Development with varied asset classes and industry groups involving: Hospitality, Industrial Facilities, Mixed-Used Projects, Multi-Family Housing, Office Buildings, Shopping Centres and Retail Space.

We have land resource over 300,000 sqm for housing, offices and retail development throughout our regions.

Castle Holding's subsidiary has a strong management team running independent businesses, though complementing each other in cases of opportunities of mixed land use. Castle Holding's mission is to build a world-class real estate development company with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and customer service.

Castle Holding has successfully invested in General Contracting that runs a smooth, highly efficient and well-coordinated job.

With a background of direct industry hands-on and drawing on hundred of thousands of square-meters of experience, Castle Holding’s subsidiary has developed a highly efficient approach to construction – a powerful combination of people, process, and technology.

Castle Holding recognises the key drivers that get projects over the line. The firm’s specialist team deliver high quality, risk-sensitive advice throughout the planning, design, engineering and construction process.

Castle Holding investment portfolio includes traditional sectors such as retail. Our Investment team has considerable experience and boasts in-depth knowledge of the many aspects of the retail and sales businesses.

We are fully integrated with our internal transactional, sales, professional, management and finance specialists, providing combined expertise with an optimised end result.

Castle Holding has successfully invested and operated through its subsidiary: shopping centres, high street shops and retail warehouses.

Castle Holding has ben actively and successfully investing in the Restaurant, Entertainment, Hotel, Art, and Fitness industry across regions, as owner, operator, manager or franchisee.

By leveraging the depth of our expertise in the hospitality industry, we offer our partners competent management and, within a collaborative environment, ensure the compliance with any management, franchise, and other obligations.

Castle Holding invests with the aim to make our customers experience essentially faultless, while at the same time exceeding their expectations.

Castle Holding has successfully invested, managed and partnered with leading manufacturing companies to improve operational and financial performance.

For over twenty-five years, Castle Holding has supported manufacturing organisations in the steel sector and in the manufacturing of construction materials.

Through our experience, we bring to our partners, insight into maximising the flow of raw materials, manufacturing, logistics and inventories, implementing continuous operational improvements, Maximising service utilisation rates, Managing costs and manufacturing to maintain or improve margins, Minimising rework and inventory levels but meet demand.

With the ambition of contributing to building better cities and improve the quality of life of communities, Castle Holding has recently invested at a minority stake in the Cement Industry with a renown regional cement player.

Castle Holding aims to make a net positive contribution to society and to nature.

As part of our contribution to building better communities, we foster access to collective social housing.

Castle Holding has been extensively active in the Telecommunication Sector for more than 15 years.

From Turnkey Infrastructure Roll-Out, to Managed Services on behalf of Telecom Operators, Castle Holding has invested and operated successfully in companies involved in the manufacturing and installation of Telecommunication Towers, Telecom Shelters and other related components as well as in Service companies providing Planning & Optimisation Solutions, IT/IS Solutions and Operation & Maintenance Solutions.

Castle Holding has extensive relationship with all the major Telecom players within the industry.

Castle Holding Private Equity Fund has been created to provide high net worth individual investors with access to a diversified portfolio of private equity investments, primarily in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, including private equity funds and direct investments in private companies.

Castle Holding Private Equity Fund began it's investment program in 2008.

The investment objective of the Castle Holding Private Equity Fund is to maximise total returns to shareholders.

Education is a fundamental right for everyone and key to the future of any country. Education has its price everywhere—but the only thing more expensive than investing in education is not investing in education. Inadequate education produces high costs for society in terms of public spending, crime, health, and economic growth. No country can afford to leave too many of its children behind and not to help them achieve the competencies needed for a self-fulfilled life in economic independence.

Castle Holding has made its mission to participate in this important endeavour, and to invest in Human Capital, in order to bring long term economic growth to society.

Castle Holding business Professionals are experienced in helping business at all stages, from formation, through growth, through ongoing operation or exit.

Castle Holding helps organisations navigate the road ahead by recognising opportunity, clarifying vision, creating strategies, implementing action and measuring results.

Service Areas of Focus: Strategic Consulting, Capital Structuring & Modelling, Financial Advisory, Economic Development, Community Strategy & Revitalisation, Feasibility Studies, Hotel Services, Contract Negotiation, Real Estate Development Advisory and Research

Castle Holding


Art House

Austria, Lebanon, Syria, Hospitality

HQ : Vienna, Austria

Year of Investment : 2007

Kalai Industries

Syria, Manufacturing

HQ : Damascus , Syria

Year of Investment : 1991

Art Village

Austria, Hospitality

HQ : Markgrafneusiedl, Austria

Year of Investment : 2008


Syria, Real Estate

HQ : Damascus , Syria

Year of Investment : 2009

My Place

Austria, Hospitality

HQ : Vienna, Austria

Year of Investment : 2006


Lebanon, Real Estate

HQ : Beirut, Lebanon

Year of Investment : 2008

Interconstruct Limited

Algeria, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Contracting


Year of Investment : 2001

Marina Yacht Club

Syria, Hospitality

HQ : Lattakia, Syria

Year of Investment : 2000

Sonnehof Equestrian Club

Austria, Hospitality

HQ : Markgrafneusiedl, Austria

Year of Investment : 1999

Salam Mall

Syria, Commercial and Retail

HQ : Damascus , Syria

Year of Investment : 2008

Talisman Hotels

Syria, Hospitality

HQ : Damascus , Syria

Year of Investment : 2008


United Arab Emirates, Investment

HQ : Dubai, UAE

Year of Investment : 2008


Lebanon, Telecommunications

HQ : Beirut, Lebanon

Year of Investment : 2007

United Cement Group

Syria, Mining & Metals

HQ : Damascus, Syria

Year of Investment : 2009

ZK Industries

Algeria, Manufacturing

HQ : Algiers, Algeria

Year of Investment : 2015

Art House Hotels & Management

Austria, Lebanon, Syria, Hospitality

HQ : Vienna, Austria

Year of Investment : 2008


Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Consultancy

HQ : Beirut, Lebanon

Year of Investment : 2016


Syria, Manufacturing

HQ : Damascus, Syria

Year of Investment : 2004

Sonnehof Management

Austria, Hospitality

HQ : Vienna, Austria

Year of Investment : 2013


Syria, Real Estate

HQ : Damascus, Syria

Year of Investment : 2009


Syria, Manufacturing

HQ : Homs, Syria

Year of Investment : 2006

Choueifat School

Syria, Education

HQ : Damascus, Syria

Year of Investment : 2000


We run our business in an integrated manner, and this is what we believe is that it distinguishes Castle Holding Company from other asset management companies, Marine experts investments we are cooperating and working on the exchange of information in various disciplines with other companies; including the study and the vision of the market, management, banking, telecommunications, and consulting, next potential investment opportunities. Contribute to this kind of cooperation in increasing the amount of knowledge of different areas, and we believe that this will enable us to invest the company's capital successfully.

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